Inspection services

Safeguarding the value of your cargo is our priority. Our qualified surveyors will inspect your products at loading, discharge and along the supply chain, giving you the confidence and reassurance that every required standard is thoroughly checked.


Our inspection quality control and supply chain quality assurance ensure your products make the grade every time.


Our inspection services include:

  • Cargo inspection on quality, condition and weight
  • Contractual sampling and sealing
  • Pre-shipment inspection services
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Exporter and importer services
  • Draft surveying, tallying and gauging services
  • Shipping, commodity and product certificates
  • Supply chain Quality Assurance and verification
  • Cargo track & trace and cargo monitoring
  • Mass Balance inspections of sustainable raw materials
  • Container management services
  • Cargo verification
  • Receipt and/or delivery of goods in barges, trains, trucks, tanks and warehouses
  • Traceability system for special products
  • IP programmes


If you need first class inspection services, contact us today.


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