Schutter Do Brasil Ltda.

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Sao Paulo - SP




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Schutter do Brasil, Ltda is headquartered in Porto Alegre and has a commercial office in Sao Paulo. Ten branch offices and three labs are strategically located mainly in the mid to southern part of Brazil, where most of the crops are grown and import/export ports are located, including Paranagua, Santos and Rio Grande. Inspection services, laboratory testing services, logistics support and commodity collateral management services for agricultural products all along the supply chain -from planting to load port- are the main activities of Schutter do Brasil.


Additional specialist services include:

  • Identity Preservation at origin (farms and storage units) and various transport/storage points
  • Certification of agricultural commodities
  • Crop and stock monitoring
  • Other related inspection services, logistics support and risk management solutions



  • Gafta: analyst and superintendent member
  • Fosfa: analyst and superintendent member
  • Sal
  • ISO 9001/2008
  • ANEC


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